Monday, October 10, 2005

Found in a cabin today a recent copy of Vanity Fair with Paris Hilton on the cover. Something in the headline mentioned "amateur porn star." How did pornography become so acceptable and mainstream?

And can someone please explain to me how porn stars are not prostitutes?

Just what the hell is so glamorous about Paris Hilton, Ron Jeremy, and Jenna Jameson? AND WHY THE HELL DO I EVEN KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE?

Pornography does nothing for the dignity of women or sex. It goes against everything feminists have fought for in the past 40 years. Then why is there no outcry?

If you're a woman, you should fight it tooth and nail. If you're a man, you should throw it in the garbage, stop salivating at the thought of "two chicks making out," and shame other men who glorify it.

Viewing porn isn't "healthy" or "natural." It doesn't aid in a mature understanding of sexuality. It isn't a rite of passage; it's a stinting of true growth. Porn only demeans women, making them merely objects of men's pleasure.

If you don't think that's true, then you don't know or talk to any men who regularly watch porn.