Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The mountains are covered with snow, but it has melted at the Y and in town. Estes got about an inch last Sunday; in the Park, Bear Lake got a foot. I've heard some people say this is an early snow, others a late one.

Some news from my alma mater:

  • President Bob.Koob is retiring
  • This is Homecoming Week

I was chatting with crewleader Dennis today who asked if it was strange not being at college anymore. I told him that I didn't miss classes but the environment, though the Y has something of the college lifestyle.

I didn't feel strange at the end of August when everyone else was returning to school. But learning about the above news does make me a little homesick for UNI, and somehow my family and friends, and Iowa in general. The UNI print that just arrived in the mail from Luke via Corey doesn't help things, either. So I'm sure I'll be ready for a return visit in November.

On another note, I'm considering a switch from Xanga to Blogger....