Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We survived the Yoga Journal conference.

Kris, who handles Lost and Found, has been inundated with phone calls about lost jackets, yoga mats, shirts, watches, jewelry, and on and on.

Speaking of lost and found, I'm pretty sure someone stole my papal crucifix the other day.

Had to do weekly cleaning duties this morning, cleaning up outside Howard, including the porches. I was livid by the end, one hour and four huge trash bags later.

I'm ready to move off Y grounds. If I were a fruit, I'd be past ripe, on the verge of rotting. Which is why I was so happy to finally look at that apartment this morning.

It's on the side of the house, not the lower lever. The entrance is around the back and opens into the bedroom, which is just a little bigger than a double bed. The bathroom is just off to the left (and it's carpeted). The living room is a decent size, though it has ugly wallpaper and that 70's wood-photo paneling.

The wood burning stove, which hadn't been advertised, helps to make up for that. The kitchen is small but has space for a little table. It also has a big window that looks out onto the ponderosa.

It's $500 a month, which includes utilities, and as far as the realtor knew, garbage and snow removal as well. It also comes furnished with a bed and some other furniture--including a sleeper bed and a few other things--but the landlady will move out and store anything not needed or wanted.

I think it's promising. Will keep you updated.