Sunday, December 04, 2005

Apparently you people anxiously await my postings--especially the funny ones--so I apologize for not updating regularly.

The trip to Iowa was great. The wedding was beautiful and I was blessed to see many St. Stephen's friends in the process.

Sunday after Mass, Tonia and I went in search of The World's Largest Cheeto, which is housed in Sarah's Restaurant in Algona. It looked like the place was open when we noon, but there was no host to great us when we entered. We sheepishly explored the smaller surrounding rooms without luck before heading into the main dining room.

The room was packed with adults at the bar and little kids running around, but Tonia led the way, and we passed through their midst to the fireplace on the center wall, where on the mantle under bulletproof glass was the Cheeto.

We were a little disappointed because it was only the size of somewhere between a marble and golf ball--I'd hoped for softball. We would have taken a picture with it; however, I spotted the birthday cake on a nearby table and realized we were crashing a private party. So that's when we headed straight for the door.

On a more serious, un-Cheeto-related note: Don't miss the JPII miniseries that starts tonight on CBS.