Wednesday, December 07, 2005

To all the friends who called me over the past few days and only got my voice mail, I apologize; I'd "misplaced" my phone (read: It fell under my car seat and I forgot about it). Not that you'd probably would have gotten a hold of me anyway. But don't worry, this afternoon I'm finally going to the Cingular store in town to see whether I can get service from that provider at my apartment.

Yes, this should have been done weeks ago, but you forget that I am quite lazy.

The past couple days have been extremely windy, and combining that with the fact that it snowed most of the afternoon yesterday, visiblity was about two feet. It reminded me of those blizzard scenes in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, except without the abominable snowman. All that being said, you'd think we got dumped on. Only a couple of inches.

Today is chilly, but it doesn't quite feel like the 4 degrees that I heard on the radio. School was cancelled because this morning's low was somewhere around 20 below (this is actual temperature, not wind chill) and the buses wouldn't start. Imagine that.

Ex-roommate Luke recently brought to my attention a two-year old picture of him and me in our Christmasly decorated ROTH apartment. You can find it on the UNI site's virtual campus tour. He's the one so hideous that the photographer had to block him with the Christmas tree. I'm the one with the long filthy hair that looks like a rat's nest. The TV is the one my parents put up on auction this past summer.

Good times, good times.