Saturday, December 10, 2005

Several random thoughts strung together, beginning with my moral dilemma:

I've found out that my computer gets a very faint and sometimes fleeting wireless internet signal from my kitchen table (where I sit as we speak). I do not have the internet at the apartment I don't rightfully have access to this signal. Someone else is paying for this wireless signal and I'm just able to access a bit of it. And these people probably don't intend for others to use their signal, unlike the library or the Y. So I'm pretty sure that this is akin to stealing cable from my neighbor....

Phone update: I've got to wait till Wednesday when the Cingular dealer's owner will be there to answer my questions and help me out.

Woo-hoo to the UNI football team on the way to the Division I-AA championships.

Had about a four hour discussion with a fellow crew leader this afternoon about basics of Catholicism while we spring cleaned a cabin. It started at lunch when he said, "Somebody told me that the Immaculate Conception was about Mary and not Jesus." Then we moved to the saints, Purgatory, contraception, the "Apocrypha" books of the Old Testament, mortal and venial sin, priests and homosexuality and celibacy.... Whew, just realized how much of the 2000 year-old Faith I (feebly) defended this afternoon.

And in a related topic, there's a lot of hubbub--in the media, at least--about the use of "Happy Holidays" and (in my humble opinion, the stupidest saying) "Season's Greetings" rather than "Merry Christmas." Christians everywhere are bitching, "They're taking Christ out of Christmas!"

Surprise, Christ was taken out of Christmas 500 years ago when they took the Mass out of Christmas. So what's happening now was inevitable.