Saturday, December 31, 2005

So, that was 2005. Good times, good times.

No crazy plans to ring in the new year. I got that out of my system several years ago. Just going to call a few peeps in Iowa and then spend an hour in adoration at Our Lady with Benediction at midnight. I guess some people would call that crazy. But I much prefer adoration to last year's weekend retreat with a bunch of middle-aged ladies.

I hope I can stay up till 12. I couldn't stay up that late last week (falling asleep during B16's homily), and the past few nights I've been in been out by 11. I must be too damn old.

Christmas day in Estes was downright balmy: 56 degrees and no wind. I took a stroll along the Riverwalk that afternoon and chatted on the phone with the family and a few friends. Dinner at the Brewer's was delightful. Silva made spicy Peruvian chicken and I poured the eggnog. Then we watched a couple movies, much of which Baxter and John missed due to numerous smoke breaks.

My landlady left for Arizona this past week, so things have quieted down on The Other Side of the Wall. Now I feel more comfortable having people over to the place since for a few months I won't have to worry about bothering her with noise. So the much anticipated Housewarming Party is still to come. Something to look forward to in 2006.