Saturday, December 31, 2005

From Luke, this last year in review, via the first sentence of the first post of each month:

There seems to be some catching up to do.

I came here with something specific to say; however, it slipped away while I was logging in and such.

Oh, hi.

The Holy Father is dying.

Here's a snapshot from the Momentous and Blessed Day of My Graduation from the University of Northern Iowa.

Bet you thought I fell off a mountain.

Hmm, where to begin?

Slow day at work; done at noon.

So apparently now I'm some kind of Xanga philosopher.

We survived the Yoga Journal conference.

Just a couple more weeks until my visit to Iowa (boy, using "visit" sounds strange...).

Apparently you people anxiously await my postings--especially the funny ones--so I apologize for not updating regularly.

From this sampling we see that I am incredibly vague and very boring. Also random at posting. But we knew all this already. So I hereby resolve to be more precise, interesting, and consistent next year.

Though we all know how resolutions turn out....