Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I returned home from work Monday to find a herd of twenty elk grazing in the yard. This was the first time I'd seen them around the apartment. So I took a few moments to be a tourist from my own home windows.

Don't think I've mentioned happenings at work lately. We had a huge group of Brazilians and Peruvians come in a month ago, far too many for the amount of work we have this time of the year. Apparently HR hired excess internationals anticipating attrition, but everyone we hired showed up.

So yesterday Cowboy Brad announced that for the next couple weeks seasonal staff will be cut back to four days, mostly because with Tim visiting his girlfriend in Paraguay and the Griffins now gone there aren't enough crew leaders.

I like a lot of the new internationals, at least at the beginning of the work week. But by the fifth day I need to get away. I've discovered that when you get seven Brazilians together on a crew, it's like eight hours in the monkey house at a zoo. The noise is constant and deafening, and things may be novel to watch for a moment, but after too long it just gets to be annoying. At least instead of throwing feces everywhere, it's only dirty rags and bottles of Comet.

I had an interview Monday morning for the Housekeeping office assistant position. This was pretty much just a formality; I've been told I more or less got the job. For a while I would continue to be a crew leader part of the time, and on Tina's days off I'd work in the office. I'd also be in charge of organizing Lost and Found and doing Quality Control. Then in May, or maybe when they find someone to fill my vacant crew leader position, I'd start working full time in the office.

If anything, I'll definitely have some interesting stories to tell working so closely with Tina.