Friday, January 27, 2006

Visited Dennis in the hospital yesterday. He's looking pretty good, though he'll be staying a couple days more because he may be developing pneumonia. He's on oxygen, and his blood pressure keeps fluctuating which has caused several episodes of dizziness, but he told me this doesn't bother him too much, considering he was dead for awhile before they took the paddles to his chest. And he gives the nurses a hard time, so does not appear to be much permanent damage.

Picked up a couple of books from Barnes and Noble (thanks again, Parents, for the gift card), both of which I happily stumbled upon. Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday: The Catholic Origin to Just About Everything, which shows just how much a debt everyday life and culture owes to Catholicism. Sorry, Catholic Haters.

The other book is Donald Miller's Through Painted Deserts, a reincarnation (that is, slightly updated version) of his first work, Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance. This book was recommended to me by Cousin Robbie during my previous stint at the Y.

After returning to town last night, I had a phone date with Erin Nennig, which ended with one of Estes' Finest tapping the business end of his flashlight on the car window.

Since my cell phone doesn't have reception at the APT, I sit in a downtown parking lot to make calls. Apparently a car idling for an hour and half in a public parking lot with a strange-looking man in the driver's seat who appears to be talking to himself is a suspicious sight here. So he asked if everything was alright and requested my licence. Then he says, "You look familiar. Do you go to the Catholic church?"

The Lord has delivered me once again.

Funny, I had to move to Colorado to have run-ins with law enforcement officials.