Friday, February 17, 2006

So I realize my discussion of curling is teetering the line of obsession. But this great sport is a sensation sweeping the globe and capturing the hearts and minds of millions. And I'm pretty sure that's not a hyperbole.

My evidence: Chatted with Brother last night who said that the Olympic games he and his roommates have been mainly watching are curling; Sarah has introduced it to her roommate (see Tuesday, February 14, 2006's comments); and Lacy has relayed that Molly Dietz shares my enthusiasm.

I've checked out the US Curling Association's website and found clubs in Colorado Springs and Denver. That's a bit of a jaunt for me to participate with any kind of regularity. Was also curious if there were any clubs in Iowa, but the USCA doesn't list any. So I Googled it yesterday and found this article from the Cedar Falls High School newspaper about some seniors guys trying to raise interest in the sport. If I were still at UNI, I would be right there with them them.

It will begin with the youth, my friends.