Saturday, March 18, 2006

Seth and the City

I just returned from a trip to Denver.

I'd planned this a few weeks ago to coincide with the Archdiocese's Living the Catholic Faith Conference. So I went down Thursday morning to spend the day wandering around town and then attend the first day of the conference on Friday.

So my time on Thursday consisted of strolling the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, noon Mass at the Cathedral, and browsing both the Public Library and Art Museum.

I was extremely disappointed with the Art Museum. Not only were the collections small and unimpressive, but they are also completing a new building that is supposed to evoke mountain peaks, but instead just looks like a steaming city block of crap.

I was so moved at the conference Friday that I decided to stay for the second day today, which meant that I was also able to attend Theology on Tap at a local bar with Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid.

Part of my love of big cities is using public transportation. Denver has an excellent bus system and finding my way around was a breeze once I got my hands on time tables.

But I also like walking in the shadows of towering skyscrapers. Something about the immense size difference is awe inspiring.

My next trip to a big city? Des Moines at the end of this week.