Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let There Be Life

Just returned from Open Mic Night, which basically consisted of Cowboy Brad and me. A surprisingly low turnout considering the influx of staff.

That's right. The Americans have finally arrived and so has summer. Tomorrow is the first day of work for thirty new Housekeepers. This may sound like a lot of people, but in fact we are understaffed for the season.

And this summer will be quite a change of pace for me, since I am neither a driver or crew leader anymore.

I've been working as the office assistant for the past two weeks. I hadn't said anything yet because this was a thorny situation, but loose ends were tied up (or maybe severed) this morning.

Anyhow, this lateral shift in responsibility has its ups and downs. I've been able to get a bit of a handle on the beast that is Lost and Found. and I'm purging all the crap that been accumulating in the office for years. And Tina and I are trying to make sure all the crew leaders are cleaning things consistently (this is a big challenge with Ellie).

But on the other hand, things are kinda boring not being out in the field working with crews, though Tina is pretty, hmm, entertaining.