Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Dark the Con of Dan

The Da Vinci Code opens in theaters tomorrow. I'm probably going to go to the movies over the weekend, but it sure's the hell not going to be to that one.

Why see a movie based on a poorly written book? (Yes, I've read it. Once was one too many times. Here's what I had to say afterwards.)

Some say "Lighten up, it's fictional." Fine, but would they say the same about the film Birth of a Nation or the book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? These two pieces are fiction, as well as horribly racist and anti-Semitic, respectfully. And both "revise" history, to put it politely. Well, The Da Vinci Code is fiction, horribly anti-Catholic, and revises history. Such prejudice should be denounced with the same vigor as were Birth and Protocols.

Others say "This provides an opportunity for dialogue." That would be good if the world--including Christians--weren't completely ignorant of history. Who knows what happened at the Council of Nicea? Or anything about the Roman Emperor Constantine? And how many people believe that the Inquisition put to death hundreds of thousands of "witches" and others opposed to the Faith?

So in the end, people should be steered away from this ridiculous drivel rather than encouraged to indulge in it. That's why we should got to any other movie this weekend. That's why we should pick up historical books instead of heretical ones.

Because that's essentially what The Da Vinci Code is: heresy. Heresy denies the Truth of Christ and is the most dangerous of fiction.