Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Exciting Tidbits

Have a few things to say but most are random and unrelated, thus this will not be as cohesive as usual. So I've decided to use bullets.
  • The Y's meandering cat, Pumpkin, long owned by the business manager and allowed to freely roam the grounds, was hit by a car a few weeks back. It had to be put down. I'm sure this will be sad news to someone....
  • Part of my workday last Friday was spent driving to and from Castle Rock (south of Denver) in order to bring a new truck back for the Y's fleet. And Housekeeping isn't even getting one of the three we brought back.
  • The other day Mazvita asked if I would let Girls' Night Out come to my apartment as a neutral place to enjoy wine off Y grounds. This is taking this Martha business way out of hand. Though it is rather classy.
  • The most annoying part of my job is Lost and Found. Everyone who calls about a lost item assumes that theirs is the only lost possession. "Have you seen it?" The Y is akin to a small town, Madam. I have no idea. Pack up all the crap you brought with you.
  • My friend Ann returned from her pilgrimage to Rome bearing gifts. She gave me a rosary decade made from compressed rose petals and blessed by B16 (of which I'm sure there are millions, but still special to me) and a St. Benedict medal which she took to and prayed with at the cave where the saint stayed for three years. She chose Benedict "for discernment" she said.
More exciting tidbits to come later.