Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Brief, Bulleted Update

Nothing too exciting:

  • It's been cool here lately. Today I think we got to 60 degrees, but the mornings have been hovering around freezing.
  • The Parents visited last week, so we did some hiking and grilling and strolling through Boulder and that. I think it was a nice vacation for them. I know it was for me. Taking the four days off was easy; returning to work and trying to catch up Lost and Found was not.
  • Chatted with Luke last night for the first time in years. He and I both had crappy days--him dealing with parents; me dealing with guests and employees. We bitched.
  • Due to budget constraints, construction for my Lost and Found room had been killed weeks ago; however, it has been resurrected recently with the Camp Director approval. It should be in place by the first of December.
  • Next Wednesday marks the return of Open Mic Night to the Rustic Cafe. Good thing, too. I wasn't sure what I'd do with myself this winter.