Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Few Things of Import

Very few, that is....

  • Yes, I am still among the living.
  • There are 18 housekeepers and still way too much work. So I've been working 20 overtime hours the past couple weeks to help out. Dennis is working even harder. He says it helps pay the medical bills; I tell him that it'll give him another heart attack. We started using temp workers last week, and HR has finally hired a couple people who start tomorrow.
  • It snowed a few inches last Tuesday. It was real soft and fluffy. I couldn't get up the driveway, and at one point I was sideways.
  • Two weeks to the trip to Iowa.
  • It's been cold outside today, but Tina has just opened the window because she's sweating.
  • I believe I'll enjoy some mulled cider tonight while watching The Monastery on TLC. It's something like a documentary of five men who spent 40 days and nights in a Benedictine monastery this last spring.
  • I'm opening tomorrow for David who's back is hurtin', so I gotsta make up crews.