Tuesday, November 07, 2006

T-minus 25 Hours, 8 Minutes and Counting

My first flight (as a cognizant adult, rather than a six-month old baby) is fast approaching. Excitement is compounded by the fact that I'll be returning to Iowa and visiting lots of old friends, including Tony and Steph who are finally getting married.

Also included on the itinerary is lunch with my sister--the only family member I'm expecting to see--and a few days in Cedar Falls with Corey and Luke. Will be interesting to visit UNI again for the first time in a year and a half.

But before all this happens, I'm going to Denver tonight to see the traveling Broadway production of The Lion King. And since I'll be staying overnight there, I won't have to get up early in order to drive to the airport by 8:30. These are the only details of the trip that I've handled, however; the rest has been taken care of by my travel agent and liaison in Iowa, Tonia.

So please send up a prayer for me at 10:25am MST tomorrow. That's when I'm scheduled to take off.