Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stopping In to Say Hello

Thought I'd make an appearance here, though not in much of a mood at the moment to detail my trip to Iowa. I will say that the plane ride was fun; Tonia and Lacy's apartment is classy; the hour lunch with Sarah was much-needed; the wedding was graced, the couple beautiful, the basilica glorious, and the time with old friends energizing; the days spent with Luke and Corey were jazzy--not to mention hilarious; the UNI campus is ever-changing (and fondly missed); and the hours spent with Fr. Ken were blessed.

Also, after a week on an air mattress--and Corey's love seat and floor--my bed has never felt better.

Some interesting things going down at the Y, too.

I promise that I'll fill you in at some later date.

PS to Corey: How pissed are you that they changed the time that The Monastery aired Sunday?