Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am Miserable

I've been bitching to Tonia and the parents; I might as well widen the scope.

This damn snow is unrelenting. It's fallen at least once every week for the last seven. And that cruel mistress Mother Nature takes a day or two and melts the snow during the day than freezes it into a thick slab of ice overnight.

I haven't moved my car yet. I did get snow chains in the mail yesterday; however, I'm afraid that if they don't work and I can't get my car up the road, there's no place for me to put the car. Other than maybe the ditch, which is where I put Tina's truck Sunday afternoon.

It cost me $100 to get the truck pulled out. The guy who did it is the same one who towed away the Malibu, and he also lives on my road. But I got no sympathy--or price break--from him. That's probably how he could afford his four-wheel drive vehicle.

Hopefully February with bring 60 degree weather like last year.