Thursday, February 08, 2007

Seven Days

That's how long my apartment has been without water.
Friday: Low water pressure in the morning. Left the water running while at work. No water pressure when I got home. Called property manager (PM) at 6:30pm, who said "I'm not going to do anything about it tonight." Spent the night at the apartment.

Saturday: Water dribbling only from tub faucet. Met PM at 3:30pm at house, who said "You should have water about 7 or 8 tonight. No water at 7:00. Spent the night in a Y cabin.

Sunday: PM left message at 3:45pm "You've got water in the kitchen, but not the bathroom. It's a matter of time." Spent the night in a Y cabin with Johnnie and Alvin.

Monday: Spoke to PM at 2:45pm, who said, "You have water now. The reason there was no water in the bathroom is because I forgot to turn on the valve." No apology. Normal water pressure when I got home. At bedtime water dribbling only from bathroom sink faucet. Spent the night at the apartment.

Tuesday: Spoke to PM at 10:15am, who said, "I'll send the plumber over." Spoke to PM's secretary at 3:15pm who said, "The plumber couldn't get up your road, so he'll try again tomorrow." Spent the night at Dennis' house.

Wednesday: Spoke to PM's secretary at 3:45pm, who said, "The city installed a bleed valve. Everything should be fine now." Got car stuck on side of road. Pulled out by neighbor. No water from any faucet when I got home. Checked that all valves were on. Still no water. Left message for PM at home, saying, "There is still no water at the apartment. I hope you have a good night." Spent the night at Dennis' house

Thursday: Day off. Went to Public Works and Zoning departments at town hall. No record of home owner's association for my neighborhood. No one knows who owns road or is responsible for plowing. Have yet to return to apartment to check water. Have yet to hear from PM.
It's been warm the past couple days, so now the road's more slush than ice, but still impassable without chains or four-wheel drive. If I could just get the road plowed, it would solve the lesser of my two problems.

Anyway, it shouldn't be this hard to get the water running at my apartment. And there's not a chance in hell that the PM would let this happen at her own house. I would move in a heartbeat if there was somewhere to go.

Better put the chains on and go check on the apartment. Then it's off to see the PM.