Monday, February 19, 2007

Out of His Faucets Shall Flow Rivers of Living Water

Yes, I have water. In fact, it was working when I went home that seventh day. There's a bleeder hose outside that's been running ever since in order to keep things from freezing again. Wasteful? Absolutely, but then I also don't have to pay for it.

Other things that have happened:
  • I realize that I'ven't mentioned that we finally remodeled the Housekeeping office. My lost and found room is a reality. Things are working out great.
  • Other work-related news that I've neglected: Tony and Jess have moved to Boulder; now Mary Lou is leaving again, going back to Harmony to be the baker. David took over Cowboy Brad's position, and Robbin is the new Laundry supervisor. The Y's making major departmental overhauls, including merging the Conference and Family Reservations offices, and Housekeeping, Conference and Food Service are all now under the umbrella of Guest Services and a new director.
  • I'm able to get home without the use of chains by going the long way around the "neighborhood."
  • Went to Ft. Collins for the first time in weeks. It was fantastic to finally get out of Estes for a bit.
  • I'm gearing up for another trip to Denver the second weekend of March. It's the Archdiocese's Living the Catholic Faith Conference, and I'm excited to go again this year.
Ooo. 24's on.