Monday, April 30, 2007

The Power of Christ Compels You

There was an exorcism in one of our lodge rooms last week. Not a Catholic one, but one of a Christian church of some Korean affiliation. It was my day off, so I have no firsthand experience of the situation, but according to our crewleader Julie, there was clapping and chanting and screaming, and the room was stiflingly hot afterward.

I've read through the Catholic rite of exorcism from a book in the St. Malo library. What beautiful, majestic, biblical language it is.

On a slightly unrelated note, this morning our Laundry Supervisor asked me what one would do to join the Church. Yesterday she'd been particularly moved by the televised Mass from Notre Dame on the Hallmark Channel. She's a Messianic Jew who's being drawn to closer communion with Christ, not unaffected by her incarcerated daughter's decision to convert after visits from a nun. And now the grandson of which she has custody wants to follow his mother's footsteps.

God is good.

And now is good a time as any to make public that fact that my trip to Des Moines in March was to meet with now-retired Bishop Charron and interview with the seminary application board. I'll be back in a couple weeks for my psychological assessment, where it will be discovered that I am mostly sane.