Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Springtime at 8000 Feet

Still snow in the mountains, but the weather's been beautiful here the last few days. Spring is here; I can smell the pine in the air. The world is opening up again after this miserable winter.

I took a walk around the lake yesterday after work. Lots of people out. I'm going to get a bike and use it to get to work a few days a week. I need to start doing some exercise again. This is mostly due to the fact that I feel like a beached whale. I can barely get past my gut in order to tie my shoes. I look five month pregnant; if i didn't have a beard, I'd probably be mistaken for a future mother. Not to mention all the grief I get from Tina, who is "losing weight" and "will be looking good for summer."

I'll be in Iowa for a few days next week. Flying again, this time into Omaha on Wednesday, where some family member will pick me up. Then off to Des Moines for interviews.

Perhaps I'll write about it in sooner that a month.