Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coming Off My Man-Period

Whew--it was a particularly bad one, too, which I think was brought on by Tina's vicious PMS this last weekend. Mine's not very regular, but our cycles happened to coincide. Last Friday I could do no right by her, and by the afternoon, I'd become irritable from her constant snapping, nagging and yelling. And the stress from late work days kept me pissy through Saturday and Sunday.

So today I devised "Tina's Flow Chart" to help David and me keep track of the future torment. She informed me that she'd started yesterday, so I counted 28 days from then (since she says that's her normal time frame) and marked September 24 as "Tentative Visit from Flo" and the preceding five days "Hell Week."

Anyway, I'm feeling better. Taking a day off tomorrow to get some neglected errands done, including getting new glasses. I'll need the time away from work.