Thursday, August 02, 2007

No, I Have Not Yet Met My Imminent Demise

It's something I'm sure my friend Andy Miller is wondering.

Um, so I almost forgot about this thing. I don't have a wireless signal at home, haven't gotten to the library much, and I don't play online at work.

Mostly been entertaining this summer. The Parents and Brother were here last week and had a great time (even if, for some reason, it appeared that I didn't. Dad kept making comments as such). They even dragged my fat ass up a few mountains. Actually, I was surprised that I felt as good as I did; maybe I'm not as out of shape as I look and feel....

I am, however, nowhere near capable of climbing Long's, as Sarah hopes. She and a friend will be arriving in a couple days. Have been stocking up on beer; perhaps I should go to the store in order to have something to feed my guests.

I do get a couple weeks break before Mom and Dad return with Schmids in September. And a few days ago, plans were finalized for Tonia and Mother Mary's Mountain Getaway Weekend at the end of September.

When are you coming to Estes?