Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did I Miss Thanksgiving?

Toward the end of the Depression, FDR attempted to extend the Christmas shopping season by declaring that Thanksgiving be moved forward a week from the last Thursday of November. This action was met with outrage--only half the states accepted the declaration in 1939--and it turned out that the extra week didn't make much difference in sales.

I don't know why FDR thought capitalism would be confined by the late date of Thanksgiving. We're been deep into Christmas for two weeks now. Santa's on TV commercials already; carols are pumped through ceiling speakers in ornament-lined store aisles.

Now, I love Christmas. But I love it in late December, where the joy spills over into January. And it has nothing to do with buying anything.

So, let's give Thanksgiving its due. After all, what American doesn't love a great feast?