Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Even Now, Return to Me

Yeah, I'm still around. Just working and shoveling snow. Please allow me to highlight various happenings using bullet points:
  • The trip to Iowa was great, though not so much the driving. A couple days in DSM wasn't enough to see those friends, and I wish there was even more time with the family at Christmas. Would have been nice to see the northern Iowa crowd. Will be back in the great state in May for the baby sister's graduation from the college.
  • What happened to January? Just this morning, I realized I needed to change the calendar in the kitchen.
  • I do in fact support Mike Huckabee for president. I hope this will not cause people to hate me. But I like underdogs. Also I agree with his issues.
  • Much chaos and destruction at the Y. The Master Plan has finally been put into effect...muh-ha-ha-ha! Many buildings have met with the wrecking ball: B&G and the woodshop, most of the cabins in Staff Circle, Fairchild (thus goes a great piece of Y history, a section of the original Wind River Lodge. Alas, but it is all in the name of Progress!), even the inside of the first floor of the Longhouse. That's where Housekeeping will be relocated. And if construction moves along, we may be there before summer.
  • Speaking of which, it's time for all you crazy cats to fill out your online application to work in Estes this summer!
  • David was on the website the other day and found this promo video:

    You can search YouTube and find a couple other employee-made videos, too.
  • Tina had hernia surgery last Friday. She'd put it off for about seven years, and when the doctors got in there, they found that it was horribly infected. This may be the cause of the past couple years' health problems. She's doing fine now, though I heard that she popped a stitch the other day doing something (stupid, no doubt) in the kitchen. I will chastise her on Friday when I see her, where I'm also afraid I'll be forced to see the scar and the gross bruise.
Anyway, gotta get home and wash my face. I've got this black smug on my forehead....