Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Apply the First of Life's Certainties to the Second

I filed my taxes the other day. I can't think of a greater waste of my time. Granted, it only took about an hour, and I was able to do it myself rather than send it off to a tax preparer. Still, this is not something I should have to do, because the government shouldn't be taking money from my paycheck.

I'm not against taxes. I'll pay them. But I want it on my own terms, not the governments. There might have been a few people who had the same idea a couple hundred years ago.

I recommend you check out the FairTax. This is a tax system I can get behind Also see if your library has The FairTax Book on its shelves. It's a real easy introduction to the whole concept. I'm planning on getting the newest book FairTax: The Truth from interlibrary loan soon.