Sunday, June 29, 2008

Man Without Hats

When lost and found is turned into me, it is imperative that I try on any and every ridiculous article of clothing or accessory. Enormous sunglasses, ugly Hawaiian shirts, and especially hats.

The other day a wide-brimmed straw hat came in, and it went directly on my head. It was a thing of beauty. I'll have to take pictures.

While the family was at a store in the Amana colonies in mid-May, B and I were trying on different hats like we were little kids, and Dad exclaimed, "It does my heart good to see my boys in hats." This probably sounds goofy to anyone else, but coming from a man who has quite a collection of hats--and a man whom I consider to be quite old-fashioned in the good way--this sounded perfectly normal. In fact, it was a pretty good compliment.

So this latest episode only confirmed the fact that I look pretty damn dapper in a hat. I don't mean a ball cap. I mean a real hat. The kind men used to wear a century ago. Those old-fashioned men.

I think for my birthday, in addition to the usual cigar, I'm going to get myself a hat. I'm thinking about a Panama, a straw hat with a narrow brim, a nice summer hat. And then when fall comes around (and some of the Indiana Jones fever wears off) I'll need a felt fedora.

I'm pretty old-fashioned already; this will just make it easier for others to recognize it.