Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Rags of Fire

I have been chastised by several people regarding the slowness of my slow blogging. I've also been informed that basic updates on my boring life are sufficient. So here's a story for you.

Somehow I always seem to have the day off when exciting things happen at work. I missed the demolition of the old housekeeping building. And Thursday I missed an episode of spontaneous combustion.

Robbin noticed a strange burning smell coming from the area where we store the cleaning supplies. She brought in David, Dennis and Tina who attempted to use their keen senses of smell to detect to source. The odor was contained in the vacuum storage closet, and they called in the Y's fire brigade.

Still they were unable to pinpoint the exact source. Could it be hot wiring, or perhaps something coming from the janitorial garage bay on the other side of the wall?

Someone put their hand on the clean rag cart to move it out of the closet and recoiled in pain. The metal on the cart was hot. The cart was rolled outside and the top layer of rags was removed. That's when flames appeared.

Following a little CSI detective work, it was determined that rags which had been used by the painters hadn't been washed clean of turpentine. The rags were removed hot from the dryer and immediately put in the cart, where the rags began to smolder under the weight and heat.

No serious damage done, aside from a few charred rags and lingering smell in the vacuum closet.