Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Moving On

During my past five years in the working world, I have been in Housekeeping at the Y.  Starting next week I will report to a different department.

I have accepted a position as Guest Registration Supervisor.  This move will include several changes:

  • I will have closer and more frequent contact with guests
  • I will be doing some accounting work in regard to reservations
  • I will no longer be in charge of Lost and Found
  • I will work evenings

This last point is the biggest change for me.  I am widely regarded as an Old Man (to be discussed further in a future post).  Not only do Old Men not take kindly to changes in routine,  but we also like our sleep.  Most nights I will probably not arrive home until after 11pm, thus going to bed even later, which will in turn necessitate a later wake-time the following morning.

So essentially, the whole pattern of my day will change.  I don't see this as too much of a problem, however, especially going into winter.

  • More hours of daylight will be available to me each day
  • Everything in Estes will still be open while during the day
  • I will have plenty of time to pray, exercise and groom myself after waking up and before going to work

The biggest downside, other than no longer working with my good friends in Housekeeping (or going to Friday night happy hour) will be that I will not be able to regularly attend Sunday evening Mass at St. Malo.

Believe me; that will be the greatest cross to bear.