Friday, June 20, 2003

Another long day. Didn't get done till 5:15, but my two crews rocked out, doing somewhere around 10 cabins each. That was even after I got stuck this morning....

OK, here's what happened. I was going to strip a cabin that is way out of the way. When I got there, the guests were leaving and in my way. The only place I could go was down a fork in the road, and when I tried backing up, I got stuck in mud/dirt. I sat around for 40 minutes until someone could come to tow me out.

One lodge crew only cleaned 18 rooms today. They were in Twin Sisters Lodge and the group who had stayed there, the Fellowship of Christian Atheletes, were distructive. They kicked out screens, broke beds, and left horrible messes (and a porno magazine). I'm not quite sure those kids have grasped the "Christian" part of there organization yet.

Went to the LT thing last night. Tara went with me for moral support. The band started out with a couple of songs--a few I knew--and then the speaker talked for 45 minutes or so. He told the group that he wanted to help us be sexually whole and talked about the importance of waiting till marriage, etc. He spoke about how sex is the great expression of love between husband and wife, but he didn't say anything about sex's second purpose: procreation. Didn't get a chance to ask questions, either. Maybe next week I will see what "The Rock" is all about.

Headed to Hikemaster's now. It's all about RMNP history. Then to the Malt Shop in Estes and maybe a night hike up Twin Sisters with a few people...if the weather cooperates.

More later.