Thursday, June 19, 2003

Wild day in the Rockies today, folks.

This afternoon we had our first big storm since I've been here. It hailed for a good half an hour, and poured and lightninged for twice as long. The water washed debris to block the entrance to the Y. B&G used the snowplows to clear the way. Then water flooded several rooms in our newest lodge, Wind River, and set off the fire alarms, causing an evacuation of the building. A couple of the cabins and other buildings, including Housekeeping, began to leak.

The fire alarms also when off in Eagle Cliff lodge twice, and the housekeeping crews there had to leave both times which set them back in their work. So three other crews, including my own, were send to help them finish. There was the entire second floor to do--fifty, sixty rooms--and we did it in an hour and a half. Pretty good considering the kids who had stayed the night left a disgusting mess.

Hikemaster's session last night was about geology. We went into Moraine Park in RMNP and looked at rocks. Of the three rock types--igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary--RMNP has only igneous and metamorphic. We also talked about glaciers and rivers and erosion. Tomorrow night there is another session of RMNP history, complete with slides. And Tuesday next week is the make-up for Snow and Ice Techniques; Wednesday is Orienteering.

Got my own postcard in the mail today, now I can get an EP library card. I love the used book store in town, too. Was there Monday and found Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor for $4. Plus the person who had had it before saved a couple of newspaper clippings on Keillor's '85 wedding and the "last" Prairie Home Companion in '87. I read LWD five years ago while we were vacationing here in RMNP.... It had to have been fate.

Will be leaving in a little bit to go to something at 9:00. It is something to do with LT. In addition to the Saturday night "Rock," there are things at 9:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. I say "things" because I'm not sure they're worship services so much as presentations. Tonight's topic: Sex. I'm curious to hear what the speaker will say, especially how it will be tied into any sort of worship. Plus I know what the Church says about sex; I'm wondering what GCM says. And being the Socratic gadfly I am, I will ask questions. This will be the first time at a LT/GCM function and not sure what to expect.

More later.