Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This weblog thing is pretty useful. I had dinner with Hays last night, and afterward Cindee brought out a "care package"--complete with a huge bag of peanut butter cups. She'd read about my craving in an earlier post. That almost topped the steak and potato dinner we had.

Went back into Ft. Collins yesterday and bought me up some nice hiking boots. Have been wearing them around to break them in and was hoping to put them to use at Hikemaster's tonight. It was the rescheduled "Snow and Ice Techniques" session, but once again the weather in the Park did not cooperate. The regular weekly session is tomorrow night, and hopefully, we'll be able to get on the trail a bit.

Sunday was another fun day at work. We cleaned 95 cabins and 300 lodge rooms. That's half the camp. Didn't get finished till a quarter to six. Afterward I took Tony to town for a job interview at Subway. He was hired on the spot and had orientation last night. He says he likes it so far. He'll be riding a bicycle for a month until he takes a motorcycle class in July and buys the Residence Coordinator's bike.

Back to work tomorrow. If I'm driving, I'll try not to hit anything or go into ditches.

More later.