Thursday, June 12, 2003

Starting Week Four today. Checked my mail for the first time Tuesday. Got a few postcards from friends and my license plates. Was hoping Mom would have packed peanut butter cups, too....

I realized that I haven't seen a second of television the whole time I've been here. I do not miss it, not that I really watched much at school. I've read and actually finished so many books it's fantastic. Have much more on my list before the summer ends.

Had the first Hikemaster's last night. We walked around the Y grounds to learn about montaine ecosystems. The montaine lifesystem contains Ponderosa, Riparian, Lodgepole Pine, Aspen, Limber Pine, Douglas Fir, and Sagebrush ecosystems (That's from memory; I think I got them all....).

I can now distinguish Ponderosa, Limber, and Lodgepole Pines--pine needles come in packets: Pondo has 2-3 needles/packet; limber has 5; lodgepole has 3. Pondo needles are much longer than the others'. The cones are distinguishing features, also.

We looked at all kinds of wildflowers and shrubs, too. Most of which I can't think of offhand. Also explored the many varieties of scat.

The "Snow and Ice" session is rescheduled for next Tuesday and our regular session is Wednesday. Can't remember what that will cover....

Boring day at work. Went home about 2:15 because we were done with everything and had two hours of overtime combined from Sunday and yesterday. Drove the van for my crew today in addition to cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Alas, I thought I had risen above scrubbing toilets.

Backed the van into an aspen this morning, yesterday into a bear-proof trash can. Only harm done was to my ego (and a little dent to the bumper).

More later.