Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Hmm.... There are several mistakes in my last entry and attempts to edit them have gone unsuccessful. Will keep trying.

Had a nice couple of days off. Went to 8:30am daily Mass both days; very nice. Was in Estes yesterday. Stopped by the public library and paroused their collection. They're lacking a few books I was to read; hopefully, I can get them through inter-library loan.

It's quite an ordeal to get a library card, too. I need to have proof of a local address, and the only way I have of doing that is to mail a postcard to myself.

Found the design plan for the West Corridor of the Estes Park Riverwalk in the library's reference section. The Riverwalk exists east of Moraine Ave a block behind downtown Elkhorn Ave and provides pedestrian access to shops and restaurants and places to sit and enjoy the convergence of the Big Thompson and Fall Rivers.

Unfortunately, the riverwalk only spans half of the downtown commercial district. So EP is working on extending it west of Moraine, expanding parking, updating existing Tregent Park, creating a "gateway" on Elkhorn and Moraine Aves as a signal to traffic, and so on. They just finished a beautiful bandshell/amphitheater at the far west end that had been included in the design plan. It's hidden behind some other businesses in the Old Lumberyard area. I discovered it last night. It's nestled on a small piece of land between the Fall River and the cliffs, which serve as its backdrop.

I'd wanted to go hiking today and had gotten up and gone into RMNP, but it started to rain and the weather has been dreary ever since. So I drove south on CO HWY 7 to the Wild Basin entrance and then to Allenspark.

It's back to work tomorrow. Have Hikemaster's, too.

More later.