Saturday, June 14, 2003

Drove the van again today. I'm really enjoying the work. One of the perks to going ahead and stripping cabins is that I get first choice of the food left behind. Popsicles, ice cream bars, Hi-C; you name it, I claim it. And of course I share.

I also pick up any comment cards guests fill out. Found a doosy today. It said: "Please wash the comforter on the big bed. After our stay, it's as dirty as the sheets are." I don't exactly know what they meant by "dirty," but you can bet that I took the comforter--and to be safe, the blanket--to laundry. "Their's not to reason why; their's but to do and die."

Tomorrow should be another action-packed day in Housekeeping. Not quite as busy as last Sunday, but busy nonetheless. Here there is no such thing as a day of rest.

Found this quiz on cousin Robbie's site and tried it myself. And the results are:

You are Romans. You have insight on what it means to turn your life around and try to live for God. You really want people to understand the deeper things of God, but have a tendency to come across as pushy and prideful...and at times, mayber you are. But you know your weakness and work hard at trying to temper it with grace and compassion.

Which book of the Bible are you? brought to you by Quizilla

Sounds about right. I do these things once in awhile and they're usually right. Except for the "Which drink are you?" quiz; that one was faulty. "What drink are you?" you ask? A White Russian. I think not.

Remember that guy from Drake I had dinner with the other night (see Thursday, June 05, 2003)? He came with me to Mass tonight. I'm surprised he was so eager to come, actually. Most college-age Protestants I've met are leery of doing so.

He was writing things down throughout the entire Eucharist. I was trying to be charitable and patient but was expecting him to lambaste me afterwards. That didn't really happen. Talking during the car ride back, he thought Mass was too structured, too rooted in tradition (Granted, Our Lady may not have been the most ideal Mass he could have experienced. It is a little dry). I'm not sure that I responded as well as I could have. Sure, there's no rock bands or exciting sermons like "The Rock," the LT/GCM service held here on Saturday nights, but then this is worship, not entertainment.

More later.