Sunday, June 29, 2003

My weekend begins tomorrow, and much needed, too. Wednesday and Thursday I drove crews and cleaned; yesterday and today I only cleaned. That's more work than I'm used to.... Today was a easy day as far as Sundays go.

Hikemaster's last Wednesday was Orienteering. I can now triangulate and do all sorts of other nifty tricks with a map and compass. Interesting side note: the instructor told us that Fr. Gregory from OLM is a world class orienteerer. When he gets back from vacation in Europe, I'll have to talk to him about it.

Got off work early Thursday and Friday and went south to RMNP's Wild Basin entrance. Hiked Calypso Cascades and Ouzel Falls Thursday, Finch Lake Friday. That was six miles roundtrip and eight miles roundtrip, respectfully. Friday night I finished about 9:00 when it was just getting dark. The flashlight I had wasn't worth much, and to be safe, I sang Sinatra loud enough to keep the bears away.

Will be hiking Twin Sisters tomorrow with a Hikemaster-guided group. I want to know exactly what is expected of me if I become a Hikemaster.

Told Heider I would put some of my poetry up for the world to read. This one was published in UNI's student publication, InnerWeather.

While you are talking
in the harmony and cadence of your voice
my mind slips away
into the breakfast menu
the falling leaves
the time between heartbeats
the phoenix's nest.

When I return
you haven't left me
your eyes still ablaze.
Guilty, I pick up the breadcrumbs
and nod my head
and my smile veils my journey.

More later.