Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy 4th.

On a whim, I treated myself to a early birthday treat: Blues Traveler was playing at Red Rocks last night. Though I tried to find somebody to go with me, everyone here was either too Christian or too cheap so I went alone. Not as depressive as I thought it would be, going to a rock concert alone.

It was a lot of fun, like sitting in on a jam session. The bass beat your heart in your chest and Popper's harmonica both whined like a Siren and clucked like a chicken, a glorious combination. Camera flashes echoed lightning in the east, but the rain missed us.

Might go up Twin Sisters to watch the fireworks. We should be able to see not only Estes' but Loveland Grand Lake, and possibly Boulder. Should be beautiful.

How will I be celebrating my birthday tomorrow? I'll be working. Woo-hoo.

More later.