Thursday, April 29, 2004

Corey and I finally signed the lease for the house tonight. Katie had a hard time getting it from the landlords. There will be six of us: Katie, Corey, Nick, and me, and then Betsy and Mary, two girls that Katie knows but who the rest of us have yet to meet.

It's a great house, but you wouldn't know it from the outside. It's got a nice front deck large enough for summer Sunday Dinner; then inside through the enclosed porch is the "great room." The kitchen is in the middle slice and behind it are two bedrooms. The basement has two bedrooms and a bathroom, and so does the second floor.

We've already sort of staked our claims. The upstairs rooms are cozy, perfect for Nick and me (I like smaller rooms; Nick, on the other hand, is just a hermit). But apparently Betsy doesn't like the idea of a basement room, so looks like we'll have a fight to the death to decide.

The lease doesn't start until June 1st, and I've got to be out of ROTH by next Friday. Haven't quite worked out the arrangements yet, but will probably move in with Nick, Lauren, and Ben for a few weeks.