Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Instead of doing any sort of school work, I've been stalling. But I've been doing other productive things, such as "leading" faith sharing. There was also a guest speaker at St. Stephen's tonight, James Jackson, who is a lay catechist who attends St. Pat's. His presentation was entitled "Mass Confusion" and he discussed the meaning of the Mass in general and some of specific things we do (and shouldn't do) at Mass.

He presented a much more "conservative" view than I expected and challenged things that have been allowed to happen in worship and the Church in general "in the spirit of Vatican II." I was glad to see Deacon Len and Sr. Mary Lou there. I wish our other staff members would have been able to join us.

Even though I already had a sense of everything he spoke about, I was really impressed with James' orthodoxy and fire for the Faith. That, and the fact that he does this sort of thing on top of being a husband and father and owning and running an auction house. We need more examples like this.

In non-Jesus-related news, today I had an interview for a job at the College Square Mall movie theaters. I'll find out within the next week if I get a job there for the summer. But I'll still need to find another part time job since the theater would be only 15-20 hours a week and pay minimum wage. The perk is that I get free weekly movie passes.