Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A bear ransacked the lobby of the Fern-Odessa staff housing the other night. Apparently the ladies never close the back door, and the bear wandered in during the early morning hours, tearing through the garbage cans and strewing trash across the floor. It even moved the fridge in an unsuccessful attempt to get at the food there.

I helped David pack up last night after we went out for ice cream; we loaded the truck this morning before I left for work and said our goodbyes. I haven't been back to the room yet. It's gonna be a little lonely for the next few days. He's unsure whether he'll be back next summer; I told him that he could room with me again at my future apartment--we'd just "borrow" a rollaway bed from Janitorial.

The other night Liza suggested that I'm probably going to go crazy here during the winter and told me to fill my time with a correspondence course of some kind. That might be something to look in to. I'm wondering if I can take a course in graphic design, the subject which a month before I gradutated I decided I would have enjoyed studying....

World Youth Day began in Colonge yesterday. I had wanted to be there; but it wasn't to be. Pray that the Church remains ever young and, like the Magi, always seeks the face of Christ.