Tuesday, August 23, 2005

School has started at UNI, and I'm not there. This doesn't seem as strange to me as I thought it would. At least not yet.

More friends have left in the past few days. Matt went back to Northwestern in IA with the promise to return for the Highland Festival here the first week of September; British Tim returned not to Britain but Pennsylvania yesterday morning. Liza and Christine leave Thursday. Then there's only really Chris, Patrick, and V.

No time to mourn the passing of Dave-o: when I returned to the room Wednesday afternoon there was a note informing me when my two new roommates would arrive. One came late Thursday night, the other Saturday night. Both from Romania. This is going to be interesting. On a slightly related note, I'm starting the search for an apartment this week.

I am, however, supplementing the loss of some friends with time spend with others. Went to the movies in Loveland last night with Wes, Baxter, the High Schoolers, and Mel, who used to work in Housekeeping until she was fired for missing too many days of work. Good times, good times.