Friday, January 20, 2006

My two days off this week didn't bear much fruit. It snowed most of yesterday, and since I'd already been to the liquor store the night before, I didn't see much need to leave the apartment. We only got a couple inches in town and a little more at the Y.

Our new office assistant is an--ahem--interesting gal. She, plays and decorates her own game pieces for Dungeons and Dragons and also worked as a stripper five years ago. All in all, Tina is thrilled with the decision....

And some bad news to report: Dennis, one of our crewleaders, had a massive heart attack last night. He's in critical condition at the ICU down in Fort Collins. We prayed for him before work this morning, but he still needs a lot more prayers, so please offer any you can. Thought those of you who know him would be interested to know this.