Monday, January 03, 2011

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

During its final few months, 2010 picked up speed and then barreled right past me. You will remember that at the beginning of last year, I mentioned four goals I set for myself to accomplish. I made them public in order to hold myself accountable. I also mentioned that I would report back on my progress.

I am sorry to say that I am a failure.

Well, maybe not a complete failure.

I did fairly well reading the Scriptures for half the year, although I regularly fell behind on the reading schedule. Sometime in August I got so far behind that I couldn't catch up. In retrospect, this goal was probably much too ambitious for someone as notoriously lazy as myself.

I did lose some weight, although it wasn't quite 30 pounds, but at least now the number on my driver's license is correct again. However, I didn't hike Longs Peak.

I didn't get a fiddle.  I got a book and a CD for fiddle self-instruction, but no instrument.

I'm not much closer to sainthood.  As of now, I will turn out the lights in Purgatory, if I'm blessed to even make it there.

Thankfully, there were things I accomplished this past year that weren't on any list.  For starters, I changed jobs and ran my first 5K (both of which happened in September--a productive month).  I also went to my first Latin Mass, my first Sweet Sixteen game, and saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Look for me to repeat my unattained goals in 2011, when I hope to achieve them.

And when I hope to smoke that pipe.